Tips for Choosing the Best Parking Lot Paving Contractor in Lindsay

Given that you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are aware of the value a well-maintained driveway adds to your home. But now the question is how do you ensure that you land the best paving contractors in Lindsay? How do you ensure you do not spend a month looking for a great contractor but still end up with the best in the industry? Well, in all honesty, choosing the best contractor is not a walk in the park. It can be a confusing process and for that, you will need to have your facts right.

Below are some do’s and don’ts to shed light on the choosing process.

Don’t: work with a service without insurance coverage

Do: always choose paving contractors that have premium insurance coverage. The insurance should include liability and workers compensation. This insurance coverage will protect you in the event of any damages or injuries sustained during the paving project

Don’t: make full payment before the project is complete

Do: in the event the project at hand entails paving with asphalt, you may be required to make some payment up front. But even then, you should never make full payment for the project until it is complete and is done to your satisfaction.

Some paving companies provide financing options. Others break down the costs into manageable portions payable after predetermined milestones are completed. These options ease the burden and make it easier for you to complete the project successfully and stress-free.

For small jobs, however, some companies will complete them first, and later request payment once it’s done.

Don’t: choose a company working with old equipment

Do: before you decide to work with any particular company, you should inquire about the paving equipment they will use to complete your project. Technology in this industry advances fast. You want the company to use the latest equipment to provide the best possible results.

Up to date technology means that your work will be done fast and efficiently as well.

Don’t: work with a company that makes use of a lot of recycled asphalt

Do: every asphalt job has a given percentage of recycled asphalt that is mixed with high quality and new materials. However, if the company you choose is known to use a lot more recycled asphalt than new asphalt, you should go with another company. Generally, you want a higher percentage of new asphalt on your driveway compared to the old asphalt.

Don’t: choose an untimely company

Do: Each parking lot paving in Lindsay project has its own timeframe. You do not want your parking lot or driveway to be left unfinished when you are opening your business or moving into your new home. You do not want your clients and customers to be parking on the streets because the parking lot is incomplete. For this reason, you should work with a company that can adhere to timelines. Pick a company that will not give you excuses for not completing the task at the agreed time. You should be strict with your deadlines, but not unreasonable.


With that, you should choose the best contractor for parking lot paving in Lindsay to complete the task. Choose a local company if possible.


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