Some Additional Services Provided By Water Well Drilling Contractors in British Columbia

If you would rather not rely on the public water supply, then you can contact a drilling contractor in British Columbia to drill a water well. Drilling contractors help many residential and commercial clients get a water supply without relying on public water. These professionals install the water tanks and pumps needed, which partly explains most of the work they do.

You may assume that your typical drilling contractor in British Columbia spends his or her time operating high-tech machinery to drill wells, but these professionals offer more services. Sometimes, their drills find other uses and the expertise and experience of the drilling specialists are put to the test in numerous other ways. To find out what the contractors can do for you besides drilling a water well, you can read more about the additional services they provide below.

1. Water Testing

Water testing is one of the most critical services you will ever need when you own a water well in British Columbia. If you use the water from your well as drinking water, then you must make sure it is clean. Even farmers should want to know the quality of water in their wells.

You may hire a reputable well contractor to test your water once the installation work is complete. They also offer maintenance services on an annual basis and keep you well-versed about the quality of water and the condition. Therefore, when shopping around for a drilling contractor in British Columbia, it is advisable that you find a contractor who can test your well water and perform a down hole inspection.

2. Irrigation Wells

You may additionally call in a water well drilling contractor in British Columbia to carry out the installation of an irrigation well for your lawn, garden, fields, and flowerbeds. The contractors can make sure you have enough water for all of your irrigation system needs. Whenever Mother Nature doesn’t supply adequate rainfall, you might find it necessary to invest in a reliable and cost-effective irrigation system. Some of the irrigation drilling services you can expect from the contractors include:

i. Aquifer location
ii. Test drilling
iii. Analysis of sand
iv. Test installation and water pumping
v. Well installation

3. Well Abandonment

When a well drilled many years ago no longer meets the recommended sanitary standards or isn’t used anymore, then it must be sealed properly by a skilled and licensed well contractor. If the well is left open and improperly closed, then it will automatically be an avenue for contaminants and disease to go deep in the ground. This means there is a high risk of pollution of the underground water and other natural water sources. Thankfully, you can rely on the expertise of well drilling contractors who have been offering clients services related to well abandonment for many years. The highly reputable contractors are known to maintain high safety standards and employ modern abandonment techniques and methods that meet regulations.

When seeking a water well drilling contractor in British Columbia, it is imperative that you match the right professional to the job you want to be completed. By hiring the right professional, you can always look forward to quality services.

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