Smart Business Solutions in Toronto

Time, resources, safety and security are very important assets that can determine the success or failure of your small, mid-sized or large business. And that is why they must be protected at all costs. However, this can only be done by putting the right systems in place. Fortunately, there are various companies that usually offer great time management, data collection, access control and human resource management solutions that suit different organizations.

Business Solutions in Toronto

If you have a business in Toronto and are looking for ways to enhance its efficiency and profitability, there are companies that can provide you with innovative business solutions that will no doubt meet your needs. Their advanced systems have been specifically designed to help you maximize both your time and money by effectively tracking and controlling labour-related costs. If you need a system for effective labour management or employee time recording in Toronto, they can help. Ideally, they are known to offer:

1. Hand Punch Biometric Solutions

A hand punch biometric terminal is a unique solution that works by measuring both the shape and size of employees’ hands. This data is then collected and stored in the system. Whenever an employee puts his/her hand on the scanner, it is able to recognize their hand by matching the actual hand with the template that is stored in the system. These biometric solutions can handle complex functions like labour costing, as well as simple ones like clocking in and out of the workplace. If you need an accurate and efficient hand punch terminal in Toronto to help you streamline your business operations, enforce the pay rules and significantly save money, these experts can offer you the best solutions.

2. Employee Time Clocks and Clock-In Systems

If you are a business owner who wants to keep track of the clock-in and clock-out time of your hourly employees and also meet your payroll needs, these companies can provide you with some of the best employee time clocks to help you. Their time clocks are known to help their customers reduce the time they spend on payroll issues while eliminating most of the common errors that emerge while calculating employees’ pay. Their time clocks are easy to use, fast and will help to make the process of organizing your payroll much easier, while saving you a lot of time and money. If you need the best solutions for employee time recording in Toronto, these experts can help.

3. Access Control Solutions

These experts also offer a variety of access-control solutions that can be integrated with the time and attendance applications to meet the regulated access and security needs of different businesses. Their unique access control modules can enable you to secure specific areas of your building by controlling which users can access these areas. They can also be integrated with the internet for remote access.

These experts also offer a range of fingerprint, hand and facial recognition solutions. They have also specialized in different touch-screen solutions, photo ID solutions, wall clocks, and data collection solutions. Whether you need a good quality time clock, a wipe and proximity terminal or hand punch terminal in Toronto, they can meet your needs.

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