What Are The Best Types Of Window Film For Commercial Buildings?

If you rent an office building, you’ve probably already dealt with the common issues of overheating, premature furniture fading, and that unpleasant midday glare. All of these are great reasons to embrace tinted windows in the workplace. However, they’re far from the only reasons your company should invest in the kind of protection that will help your company stay safe through the years. If you haven’t invested in Sun Control Center window tinting, you could be looking at more serious damage to your workplace than a few faded office chairs. Without window tinting, your office could fall prey to prying eyes, high energy bills, and compromised security. If you’re thinking about keeping your office safe with window tinting, here are a few different types of film to consider based on your top concerns.

Tinting for Sun Damage

One of the foremost concerns, for offices located in a high rise that faces the glare of the noonday sun, are the problems that fading, overheating, and UV ray exposure can cause in the workplace. Fortunately, if you’re investing in window tinting film, sun protection is exactly what you’ll get. Installing a sheet of window film on your office windows is akin to putting on sunglasses and SPF in terms of protection from the less beneficial effects of the sun. When you install your tinting, you’ll help your windows stay cool and deflect any harmful UV rays so that your workers don’t have to deal with the exposure. Most offices deal with the issue of sun protection by simply shutting the blinds and trying to keep the space temperature controlled by cranking up the heat or AC. With tinting, you’ll be able to avoid this strategy by keeping the sun shining into your office, allowing you to say no to harsh fluorescent lighting and costing heating and cooling bills. Studies have shown that workers benefit from being able to work in naturally-lit environments. There’s no reason you should have to take the bad with the good when it comes to letting in the light.

Tinting for Privacy

For businesses everywhere, privacy is a huge concern. But it’s not just cyber attacks that business owners have to worry about. For every online attacker, there’s another spy lurking right around the corner in the office building across from yours. It might seem far-fetched to imagine that thieves are lying in wait to steal your company’s privileged information, but don’t underestimate the ingenuity of data thieves. If you want serious protection against onlookers and passersby even in a high rise atmosphere, you’ll need window tinting to keep your and your clients’ data safe from view at all times.

Tinting for Climate

It can be hard to keep the office comfortable without having to spend a ton of money on energy bills. If you’re in a naturally hot climate, or a place with incredibly cold, long winters, you have even more to worry about. The best way for businesses to keep their heating and cooling costs low, of course, is to invest in windows with a Low-E value and a high R-factor, allowing them to keep spaces well-insulated for a naturally comfortable internal temperature no matter what the outside weather. No matter how brand new your office windows are, however, they can’t be expected to pull all the weight on their own. Installing tinting will help your office space stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and comfortable all year round. Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping a breezy, temperature-controlled office environment for your workers: They’ll appreciate the extra effort, and might even be compelled to keep longer, more productive hours at the office.

Tinting for Security

Whether your offices can be found on ground level or on the highest floor of a skyscraper, protection is something you need to think about. While certain residential properties benefit from window film that’s made to keep glass in place after being cracked by a stray rock or hail storm, commercial properties can benefit from that same protection, only on a much bigger level. Even the thickest glass can crack, and you never want to put yourself in the vulnerable position that a broken or damaged window creates. In the same way that cyber thieves can find a way into your customer’s private data without hacking into your system, individuals who are looking to find a way into your offices can be extremely clever when it comes to breaking and entering. Getting the right window film can protect your office from burglary, damage, and anything else life throws your way.



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