Four questions to ask when choosing a VoIP provider

Many forward-thinking businesses are switching to using VoIP services, thanks to the cost-saving and efficiency benefits that this technology brings. Yet, not every VoIP provider is created equally, so if you’ve made the wise decision to go down this route, it’s essential to choose the best provider possible for your money. Here are four questions to ask.

1. Can I trial your services?

It’s hard to know what to expect from a VoIP provider unless you can actually experience what they offer. Find out if a provider offers a trial or demo of their VoIP services so you can try before you buy. Most good VoIP providers should be able to offer this.

2. How can you support me?

When choosing a VoIP provider, scrutinise the level of support services offered. Having good support will be important if efficient communications matter to you, but it will also be vital in those circumstances where technical issues or emergencies arise, such as if internet services go down.

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You often get what you pay for with VoIP services, so if you go for a cheap option, be aware that the level of support might be minimal. Many businesses are happy to pay a bit extra for having peace of mind that good support is on hand, if needed.

3. Which other customers use your services?

One way to find out the credibility of a VoIP provider is to know which other businesses use their services. If large organisations or big brands are users, this offers reassurance that they’re a trusted and reputable provider.

But there are other things to consider, too. According to Forbes choose a vendor with a solid history of experience and a proven track record, and take time to ensure you’ve picked a financially solid player.

4. How often do you invest in new technology?

When choosing a wholesale VoIP termination provider, such as, it’s important that the technology they provide is current and that they’re market leaders in their field. Find out how often they invest in new technology and release updates of their software.

A good VoIP provider will take technical innovation seriously, and it will show that they want to remain ahead of their rivals. Crucially, this offers reassurance that a provider is up to date with the latest security threats.

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