Data Security Basics for Small Businesses

No matter what type of business you own, you have to be conscientious about cyber liability exposure and the many different ways that a data breach could affect your ability to operate. Simply using an antivirus program on your computers is an important first step, but there’s a lot more that you have to do to safeguard your business.

Comply With Applicable Law

Many states have regulations governing how businesses manage cyber security. Massachusetts requires businesses that store customers’ personal information to implement a written plan to keep data secure.

Address Your Physical Data Storage Vulnerabilities

Even if you keep much of your customer data or your business’ financial information on a cloud storage platform, you need to keep in mind that physical duplicates of sensitive data files may be several types of security breaches. Be sure to shred printed materials, and keep close track of storage tools such as flash drives that you use to share information. If you need assistance with hard drive destruction Boston MA, reach out to a company that has extensive experience helping businesses follow their data security plans.

Train Staff Effectively

Your staff is likely to have varying levels of computer skills, but even fairly knowledgeable team members may not be aware of everything that they need to do to avert a data breach. Give staff training with practical information about what they need to do in their individual job roles.

Consider Outsourcing IT Management

If you’re your business’ in-house IT department, it may be advantageous to consider outsourcing. Small business owners typically wear a lot of hats, but giving this aspect of your operations the attention that it requires could be costing you too much time or lead to oversights.

Be strategic about your data security to protect your company from liability of loss. You’ll be protecting your profits while also avoiding legal problems.

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