Labour Unions in Canada

With these extremely challenging economic times, most employers are trying to reduce their operational costs and wage bills. In an effort to achieve this, some of them are doing whatever they can to keep their employee’s salaries and wages at minimum, while shedding their responsibilities for providing good pension coverage, health insurance, job safety protection and reasonable working hours. However, if you are an employee who desires to get everything you are entitled to from your employer, then joining a good labour or workers union will be advantageous for you.

Labour Unions in Canada

In case you are one of the many Canadian employees who are looking for a good labour union to join, there are properly staffed unions that can relentlessly fight for your rights. Their well-trained union representatives will work with you, as well as your employer, to ensure that you get whatever you deserve. Whether you need parental leave in Canada to be included in your employment terms or want to enjoy better health benefits as an employee, the union can help. Some of the advantages of joining such a union include:

1. Job Security

If you are a union member, job security is one of the things you will enjoy. For instance, the union can help to fight cases of favouritism, unfair disciplinary action, and even dismissal. In any case, your employer will only be allowed to terminate your contract if they have a good reason. Moreover, as an employee, you will also have a say in matters concerning cost-cutting, restructuring, contracting-out and a range of other decisions.

2. Employee Benefits

By joining a labour union, you will be able to negotiate a better contract with a range of benefits that are usually put in writing. For instance, they can negotiate for a contract with parental leave, medical insurance, paid vacations, holidays, a better pension plan, and personal holidays. Other benefits may include paid sick leave, overtime premiums, training, a good dental plan, and a range of health benefits in Canada.

3. Equality and Fairness

If your workplace is characterized by favouritism, unwarranted discrimination and extreme income inequalities, a labour union can also help with this. The unions have been known to defend their workers’ human rights and fight for economic equality. For instance, if individuals of any specific gender, race or religion are favoured or discriminated against, then the union is able to come in and fight for the rights of the less favoured group to ensure equality and fairness in the workplace.

  1. Workplace Safety

The fact is, there are so many workers that either lose their lives or get injured in their line of duty. However, with the help of a qualified union representative from your union, your employer may be compelled to fix any health and/or safety hazards you may be facing at your workplace, to ensure maximum safety for everyone working at or visiting the worksite.

The unions may also champion for better pay, workplace democracy, promotion, and bonuses, among many other benefits. They always strive to better the lives of union members, their families and the people around them. Whether you want to enjoy parental leave or different health benefits at your workplace, the labour unions can help.

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