Improve Employee Productivity by Boosting Team Morale

Productivity in the workplace can vary based on many factors, but one often overlooked contributor is employee morale. Tension, stress, inter-office drama, and feelings of being unappreciated can all make employees have negative feelings about their job. When employees are not happy in their position or at their workplace then they will not be performing at their best. The best way to boost employee morale is to show employees that they are appreciated throughout the year and the result is happier employees with higher productivity levels.

Verbal Recognition

Words of affirmation can make such a huge difference. Rather than simply waiting until employee review time, a better method is to dole out positive feedback throughout the year. Managerial and human resources staff are undoubtedly busy with their preexisting duties. There are several methods of providing meaningful recognition. First, management can offer compliments on an as-seen basis, but in order for that to be effective rather than forgotten, it must be intentional. Second, an employee of the month program can be initiated. Third, a board can be placed in a common area where people can write complimentary notes about employees and coworkers where everyone can see it and use it as motivation.

Financial Incentives

It is true that money often is the best motivator. Bonuses available for productivity and outstanding service provide a goal for all employees to strive for. If an employee of the month program is in place, then a gift card might provide additional incentive to perform well. Financial compensation can help employees to better care for themselves and their families, making it a truly thoughtful reward.

Special Events

Words and money are both great but do not create a sense of comradery. A company or team appreciation day creates positive feelings in employees. The special day can take place in the office or at external locations as long as the point is not about work that day, but rather celebrating a job well done.

Experiential employee appreciation events are a growing trend. They help build teamwork and work friendships. This results in better teamwork in the office. These events can be really exciting for employees to break out of the monotony of daily work while also providing access to unique activities most people wouldn’t experience alone.

Parties at work can include entertainment, catered food, gift raffles, games, and more. It can also be an opportunity to briefly discuss the excellent work that the staff has completed. A tip of advice is to be sure to not make it a work-centric event but rather a chance to let employees relax and enjoy their accomplishments.

When a company experiences a decline in productivity it can mean that employees are not happy in their workplace. Boosting employee morale can lead to higher productivity levels. Verbal recognition, financial compensation, experiential rewards, and appreciation parties show employees that their contributions are valued. This, in turn, leads to higher productivity and a better morale in the workplace.

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