How to Choose the Right Trade Show Displays in Vancouver

Choosing the right trade show display for your business is not an easy thing. There are many choices available, making it quite difficult to know what to go for. From custom tablecloths to pop-up displays, each display type provides something unique. If you will be attending a trade show event, it is important to choose a display that will work best for the service or product you are offering. Read on to learn how to choose the right trade show displays in Vancouver.

Pop-Up Displays

These are the most popular display choice for trade show veterans and novices alike. Pop-up trade show displays are among the most popular styles you will find out there. That is because they are lightweight, easy to transport and they take a short time to set up. Pop-up displays have a large area where custom graphics can be displayed, and they often come fitted with brochure stands. They can even accommodate shelving, which increases space. Pop-up displays are available in different types, including fabric, standard, and convertible. All of these types are an economical way of marketing your services or products to your target audience.

Banner Stands

These are another way of hanging or displaying your business banners. Banner stands are lightweight, portable, user-friendly and very easy to transport. They are perfect for presentations or trade shows, as they are attractive and they encourage potential customers to look your way. Everyone who passes by you at the trade show event will want to know what you are selling.


Accessories like custom tablecloths, stands, tabletops, light boxes and foam tiles can greatly transform your brand. People at the trade show event will easily notice you if you use a variety of accessories and displays to highlight your products. Choosing the right trade show displays in Vancouver will promote your business and get you many potential clients.

The best way to succeed at a trade show event is to utilize a combination of trade show displays in Vancouver, including banner stands, pop-up displays, as well as accessories. Using a combination of different types of displays is a sure way of getting your brand recognized.

If this is your first time attending a trade show event, you might not know how to go about choosing the right displays. However, do not worry, as many reliable companies that offer displays and trade show furniture rental in Vancouver. Instead of buying trade show furniture and displays, renting is a good option. With trade show furniture and display rentals, you get to save on purchase as well as transportation costs, since the rental company will deliver everything you order to the event venue.

It is important to be careful when choosing a service provider from whom to get trade show furniture rental in Vancouver. Conduct some research and make a list of potential furniture and display rental companies in your area. Contact each of the potential companies separately and request a quote. Reliable companies will welcome you to visit their showrooms to see the different types of trade show displays in Vancouver they have.



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