Goodbye Stuff in Toronto – Time to Let Go

Do we own possessions or do they own us? Why is letting go of stuff so hard? Don’t you think that ugly Christmas sweater has turned into clutter? Every day I look at my junk drawer and wonder why there’s a special place in my heart for crap. I think it’s tied to procrastination. I justify my actions thinking I’ll eventually find a use for some random item, as I mindlessly throw stuff in there knowing very well that I’ll never need it. Here are a few baby steps you can take towards a minimalist lifestyle.

Letting go of clothes you never wear

Honestly, this will be your biggest hurdle. They hold memories. Each piece of clothing tells a story. That ugly Christmas sweater reminds you of your grandma. That oversized Hawaiian shirt you never wear was a souvenir from your last trip to the Maldives. Memories are stored in your mind, not at the back of your closet. So, take the time to pack all the clothing items you never wear regularly and take them to your Toronto storage rental unit. Easy, out of sight, out of mind. If you’re having a hard time finding what you don’t wear, first start by inverting all the hangers (have the hook facing you). Once you wear an item, hang it the normal way (assuming we all use hangers the same way). After a month, natural selection will have taken its course. At the end of the year, donate everything in your storage rental unit to a Salvation Army near you. Instant karma. Win-win, isn’t it?

Understand that life is never fair and get over it

You weren’t disappointed by your last relationship, you were expecting too much. Draw the line between expectations and achievements and you’ll see the world differently. Are you attached to a gift that reminds you of your ex? Did they leave too many possessions at your house? Contact them in good faith and let them know that they’re holding you back and you’re looking for a way to dispose of their items. Give them deadlines on when to reclaim them, with a maximum of one month. If they fail to show up, donate all their non-personal items (furniture, sneakers, hairdryer). Drop their personal items (photos, journals, wig, favourite jacket) in one of your storage units in Toronto. I’m not implying that you should use your hard-earned cash to rent storage units for your exes, but there’s wisdom in not burning bridges.

Face your fears – that ‘one day’ will never come

Let’s assume that your family is complete and you don’t have plans for having another baby. What’s your excuse for holding onto those cute baby items? You’re too old for that mini-trampoline. Who are you kidding? You’re never going to set it up again. Perhaps it reminds you of your former athletic self. Again, memories are stored in your mind. Don’t let them hoard valuable garage real estate. Give away all your retired sporting gear and accept that you’re too old for this. You can make exceptions for some things, though. For instance, if you won a golf club at a local tournament, it’s something you’re going to want to keep for life. This is true for many other things that hold sentimental value, so you don’t necessarily have to give away everything you’re not using on a daily basis. But there’s a fine line between keeping things with sentimental value and becoming a hoarder. Just use your common sense and you should be fine.

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