What Employees Should Know About Workers’ Comp in Florida

Accidents can and do happen in the workplace, and being left unable to work because of one can jeopardize your well-being. Fortunately, the state of Florida establishes your rights, as an employee, to the compensation you need in the event of a work-related injury or illness. It’s vital that you know what workers’ compensation insurance maitland fl provides for you so you can stand up for those rights.

Who is Covered?

Broadly, employers in Florida are required to provide workers’ comp insurance for employees if they meet a certain threshold for how many employees they have. This number varies by industry but is generally low enough that, in most cases, your employer should have you covered. If they don’t, you can sue them for negligence with the assistance of an experienced attorney. Public databases let you affirm that an employer has coverage or report them if they don’t.

What are the Benefits?

Under Florida workers’ compensation laws, a worker that must take leave from work because of a work-related injury qualifies for temporary total disability benefits equal to two-thirds their average wages. This lasts until the worker is either cleared to return to work or it’s determined that their condition won’t improve—the latter case can qualify you for permanent disability benefits, depending on the severity of the lasting harm. You may also receive payment for related medical care and any vocational rehabilitation needed.

What Should I Do if I’ve Been Injured?

Establish your case as quickly as possible after the incident. Write down your recollection of the event, then get contact info of any witnesses and take pictures of visible injuries. Once you have this, turn to a personal injury attorney to determine if you have a valid claim. You need to be able to prove that your injury is work-related and occurred due to negligence on the employer’s part. With this information and the right legal aid, you can pursue workers’ compensation benefits.

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