Types of Experts Who Testify In Court

No matter what you do or how careful you are, you may find yourself in court someday. When you are trying to prove a case or mount a defense, an expert witness’s testimony can mean the difference between a positive and negative outcome. It is good to know what types of expert witnesses you many come need depending on the type of case.

Financial Expert

Financial expert witnesses provide banking litigation support and expert testimony on banking and financial matters. They can be work in the banking, legal, securities and accounting fields depending on which type you need. They work on fraud, embezzlement, accounting and securities cases.

Forensic Expert

Forensic experts are usually in the medical or scientific fields. There are forensic pathologists, anthropologists and many more. Each science has its forensic expert who can testify on evidence or even how evidence is gathered and presented. Forensic experts usually work in different types of criminal cases.

Psychological Expert

A psychological expert can testify to a person’s mental health. They can also certify that a person is not psychologically well enough to be in a trial or should not be held accountable for their actions. They perform psychological evaluations in all forms of court, including criminal and family.

Medical Expert

A medical expert is one that testifies on health and medical-related subjects. You can use them to testify about injuries, illnesses, and other types of medical issues that damage a person. You see them in both criminal cases and insurance claim cases.

Work or Vocational Experts

You see these experts in social security cases. They might testify for or against whether someone can work or not. You occasionally see them in civil cases or cases involving accidents that injured a person to the point where they can’t work.

If you find yourself in court over business or personal matters, knowing that you can provide an expert to help your case out can make a difference. Knowing the types of expert witnesses can help you choose one that best suits your needs.

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