Top 3 Things to Know About SEO

While many people search the internet every day, few people think about how companies show up on their searches. Many companies hire SEO groups to help them increase their visibility. These groups will help businesses gain a better handle on their online presence and help them increase, not only their online visibility but their marketability.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means that, if a consumer does an online search, their keywords will match the company and therefore the consumer will see that company’s website first. Over 81% of people online do search engine based searches, so the keywords that people type can be very important for a company’s online presence. SEO groups mainly focus on ensuring that businesses have the proper keywords so when you type something into a search engine, the words you type in will match the keywords for the company.

Why Do Businesses Need an SEO Group?

When most businesses go online, they have to set up keywords in order for search engines to find them. Many companies think this is enough to generate a proper online presence. However, this is a misconception. Local SEO groups are set up to help generate more business for a company’s specific area. For example, if your water heater broke and started flooding your home, you may look to the internet for help. Your first step is to go to a search engine and type in “local home repairs”. The search engine may use your location, which will bring up home repair companies and show some options near you. However, if a local flood repair company does not have “home repairs” listed as a keyword, it is likely to never come up on your search. SEO groups can catch these small mistakes and add common keywords, making companies visible online.

Do SEO Groups Only Focus on Keywords?

The simple answer is no. While some SEO groups may focus on adding or changing keywords, many try to look deeper into a company’s online presence. They may change a company’s website or fix any duplicates or simple visual errors that pop up in searches or on the website itself. This helps increase the marketability as well as visibility of the company and can help attract new consumers.

An SEO group is not necessary for all companies, but they can provide essential aid to those that may not have a strong internet or computer background. The more visible a company is online, the more potential it has for consumer recognition, retention, and sales.

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