The best things about snow removal service

Earth developmentoffer Snow Plowing services of mechanized and manual snow removal. The specialists will clean the area and prepare dumps for further removal of the snow mass by containers or dump trucks. Years of practice have shown that it is necessary to remove snow and ice quickly. After a few hours, the snow cover will be compacted and an ice crust will form. The normal operation of transport, objects of urban importance and the number of victims in emergency rooms depend on the speed of cleaning. Earth Development Company for the removal of snow and debris will clear drifts, prevent ice formation on the roads.

For mechanized snow cleaning the device use re

  • Mini-loaders;

Mini-loaders are manoeuvrable, allow you to do complex cleaning without the involvement of additional employees to manually clean narrow paths and sidewalks. They are used for loading the snow mass into 8 m3 bunkers and 27 – 38 m3 containers. The height of the lifting bucket is almost 3 m, it allows loading through the side walls.

Backhoe loaders are used to eliminate significant snow mass. Best suited for cleaning open areas and large areas. The excavator collects and loads snow 2 – 3 times faster than a mini loader. In this case, the cost of cleaning work will be lower. The maximum bucket suspension height is 3.5 m, which allows loading bins and containers without removing them from vehicles.

The choice of cleaning option and its price depend on the amount of snow and the area of ​​the object.

Cleaning features:

The snow removal experts will remove the snow in 3 – 4 hours after receiving the application. They use to carry out work in accordance with the requirements of the instructions and safety measures. They offer one-time and long-term cooperation and will compensate for material damage if during the cleaning of the area from snow due to the fault the asphalt pavement, curb, retaining walls and green spaces are damaged.

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