Safety Measures to Follow While Using Reusable Bags During Grocery Store Visits

We are all scared to go out even for grocery shopping during these days of Coronavirus pandemic. Even if we go, we return and sanitize everything we purchase. Some of us are also concerned regarding the use of reusable bags with the fear of getting infection home along with the bags. However, disposable bags are adding environmental stress that we all have been working so hard to avoid.

The question that arises with this problem is if it is safe to use the bags that can be reused and is environmentally friendly or if we keep using disposable bags. We also wonder if there is a way that we can use these bags safely without worrying about the risk of Covid-19 infection.

The quick answer is yes. We can use reusable bags safely. For customized full color printed bags that are eco-friendly check out Custom Earth Promos and their amazing collection of bags made from recycled materials. They are also the manufacturers of face masks that are eco-friendly as well.

What does the research says regarding the safety of reusable bags?

According to epidemiologists and other health professionals; it is safe to use reusable products without worrying about the safety especially bags made of soft fabric. This is because the SARS-COV-2 virus does not survive on surfaces like fabrics, but does survive for long on door handles.

While there has been a rumour regarding the virus remaining infectious on surfaces for more than 72 hours, there is a little evidence suggesting the same.

The steps you can take to protect yourself from catching the covid-19 infection through grocery bags are:

  • Use fabric bags over other materials used to make reusable bags.
  • Experts suggest that you must thoroughly wash the reusable bags with detergent after each use.
  • Avoid the use of plastic bags as the virus has been found to survive on them for a much longer time.
  • If washing the bags does not sound a very convenient solution you can use disinfectant wipes to clean the bag thoroughly.
  • Bag your groceries yourself and don’t let anyone else touch the bag.
  • Do not place your bag on any surface as the virus survives on infected surfaces for much longer.
  • Maintain safe distance from other customers and the staff of the grocery store.
  • When cleaned or sanitized properly, reusable bags are good to use as our own disinfected hands and clothes.

The pandemic does not give us an excuse to mess up with the health of our environment. Plastic disposable products have been the major threat to environment for as long as we can remember. We must protect our planet and the life sustaining in the oceans from the single-use plastic products.

The only way to safeguard ourselves in these times of pandemic is by following basic sanitization and cleaning procedures, and by maintaining as much safe distance as possible. Thus, the reusable bags do not pose any additional risks if cleaned repeatedly. So, stay safe while maintaining the safety of our environment too.


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