Protecting The Internal File System Inside Of Your Business

In the large majority of processes inside of the work environment you will want your employees to share files internally only. Most business practices have a policy regarding the sharing of sensitive information outside of work. In these cases, it is helpful to avoid the transmission of files and documents to public or personal email addresses. When you have new employees that are coming on board, they may need to know what is Intranet, and they may also question specifics about the policies that are put in place to protect that. If you are the systems administrator it is your job to make sure that these people have read and signed policies that protect the company and the customers from any type of data intrusion like that.

In most cases this seems like a common-sense thing, but everybody that comes to work for your company may not always have the best intentions. They could be unaware of the ramifications that are involved with data sharing outside of your Intranet. They could potentially turn into spies for an adversary company that you may be competing against. If there is no written policy in place where the employee is not restricted from sharing data outside of your environment this could be information that is leaked to your competitors. If the employee has never signed anything that prevents them from doing this you have no way to sue for any type of damages once this data is removed from your internal resources.

Mapping File Sharing Drives

A common thing that network administrators will do to cut down on the amount of files that are accessible outside of the network is map drives. This is a great thing because the network administrator gets to control this part of technology by way of the group policy for the network. That means that there are certain restrictions based on your credentials when it comes to the files that you can access on the Intranet.

That is how both networks are going to run because everyone does not need access to every folder or every file that is on the network. There are some teams that are going to work specifically with certain things while others may work with other files. Granted, there are some cross-functional teams that may need access to multiple files, but most people will just need access to one specific group of files.

The Connection Inside From The Outside

It is very helpful to be able to have software that is also going to help telecommuters connect to the system where these internal files are. Everyone does not work from the office so it is a given that you will need to provide some type of software that makes the internal network accessible from the outside. The network administrator has to make sure that the connection is secure so that there will be no breach of security for the data files that are part of the internal network.


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