Gain Confidence and Security Through Workplace Safety Programs

In wake of recent tragedies, many companies are beginning to provide valuable services that are focused on helping clients develop a plan of action for times when an Active Shooter may be in the area. Employees in both the public and private sectors would benefit from the services offered by these companies. They specialize in assisting in the creation of safe workplace environments in the public and private sectors, places that are well prepared and equipped to prevent incidents that may occur from active shooters and other violent individuals. Having an active shooter plan results in an effective mitigation of the risks involved in violent incidents that occur often here on American soil.

The services offered by companies specializing in risk management can bring unmatched value to the workplace environment, providing employees a safer place to thrive. Some of the benefits of developing an active shooter plan include an increased sense of security and safety in the workplace, a better understanding of risks and red flags, and therefore a stronger chance for intervention to prevent violence from taking place, and stronger enterprise risk management. Many businesses have shown higher employee morale and increased productivity!

Many companies that are dedicated to understanding these types of violent incidents, employ a variety of analytical techniques that focus on identifying, assessing, and managing organizational threats, vulnerabilities, and risks that may confront a place of business. The first step to take to lower any risk of injury is to develop an Active Shooter Plan. According to one company, the four components included in an active shooter plan are prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery. It is recommended that the active shooter plan is integrated into the organizations Emergency Preparedness Plan. There is also a type of Active Shooter training that includes curriculums, and on-site coordination exercises. Many companies also provide premium Extended Perimeter Security Services for those needing extra assistance in safeguarding their event or facility, and advanced training opportunities, including the deployment of counter-sniper assets.

Various case studies have shown that in the wake of recent shootings taking place all over the country, companies are stepping up their efforts to prevent and counter these types of violent occurrences. In a recent case study done by one such company, where they engaged their client and created a custom-tailored workplace safety program, the Project Manager spoke on their success. They worked closely with company leadership to create policies that support a safe environment. Employees are the first line of defense, it is of utmost importance that all employees feel comfortable and able to alert supervisors concerning problematic behaviors. This training also included simulations of live incidents, using trained actors to carry this out, which will effectively educate employees.

It is important to work closely with organizations to evaluate the current capabilities and resources that are geared towards supporting a well-developed workplace violence prevention program. Those in an area of expertise who dedicate themselves to understanding these incidents have relevant knowledge of their fields, which include psychology, mental health, law enforcement, privacy regulations, and legal counsel, who work to provide guidance and understanding of threat assessments.

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