Fun Corporate Team Building Ideas

Supporting office morale is important for businesses of all sizes. Planning team building events throughout the year can increase bonding, reduce stress, and motivate employees. Here are some ideas for fun team building events any office would enjoy.

Board Game Tournament

Spark some friendly competition through a company-wide board game tournament. Pick a game with quick play times like Boggle or cards. Come up with valuable prizes for winning to encourage team members to take part. Encourage viewing of the tournament by hosting the tournament in conference rooms MA.

Infographic Provided By Axe Event Company, BATL Axe Throwing


Scavenger Hunt

A magnificent way to encourage teamwork while enjoying your company’s city is by hosting a scavenger hunt. This activity is best enjoyed during good weather, so you may need to be flexible with the date in case a storm unexpectedly pops up. You could even pair this activity with an annual giving campaign by planning a “Random Actos of Kindness” themed scavenger hunt.

Escape Room

Escape rooms have been growing in popularity recently. They are a fun team activity that combines leadership skills, logic, teamwork and patience. This activity takes only an hour to complete, making it great for companies that are short on time. You could even convert your office into an escape room as there are several companies that specialize in creating a positive escape room experience right in your office.

Segway Tour

Connect your team to the city they live in by doing a typical tourist activity as a team-building exercise. Even if most of your team has lived in the city for a while, they can still enjoy getting a guided tour that packs in interesting information. The added silliness of exploring on a Segway will give them plenty of memories to enjoy once they head back to work.

Team building events can be fun and unique. Consider planning one of these fun activities for your office.

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