Cat and Dog Boarding: Factors To Consider in Aldergrove

So, everything is well planned and set for your long deserved dream vacation, but there is one last thing you forgot about, your pet! If you’ve got a dog or a cat and you would rather forgo the regular kennels and don’t trust your neighbours with your furry friend, then you have the perfect solution in the form of in-home pet boarding. When considering or cat boarding or dog boarding in Aldergrove, it is important that you compare your options with a critical eye to ensure you get the best facility for your pet.

Cat Boarding In Aldergrove

Before you think about cat boarding, you might want to consider finding a responsible sitter who will look after your kitty while you’re away because cats prefer to stay in environments they are familiar with. If you decide that cat boarding in Aldergrove is the only feasible option for you, then you should visit the potential pet boarding facilities before you make a choice. Consider visiting the boarding facilities and take an impromptu, unannounced tour of the place. Also, check out the areas where your kitty will be exercised and contained.

If you feel uncomfortable with any aspect you encounter at the cat boarding facility, from the staff to the cleanliness of the environment, consider looking elsewhere. After identifying the boarding facility you like, inquire about any specific requirements they might have. All legitimate boarding facilities make it a requirement for all cats to be up-to-date on vaccinations.

Dog Boarding: What are the benefits?

Dog boarding service has gained popularity as more and more pet owners choose to exploit the services in the past few years. The advantages of dog boarding include, but are not limited to the following:

i. Cleanliness

At the boarding facilities, dogs are cleaned immediately after they’ve relieved themselves. From removing their droppings to vacuuming the hair of dogs, you can rest assured knowing your dog will be clean while you are away.

ii. Safety

It is extremely dangerous to leave pets at home on their own, whether indoors or outdoors. By taking your furry friend to a pet boarding facility, you do not have to stress yourself worrying that they are in danger. A caretaker will be assigned to watch over your dog and make sure you get timely updates with details on how he is fairing while you are away.

iii. Temperature control

When it is extremely cold or hot outside, you can be sure that your dog will be kept comfortable at all times. With pet boarding, temperature control comes in handy, as it keeps the facility comfortable for pets throughout the day.

iv. Peace of mind

Animal care experts are available around the clock, meaning your precious furry friend enjoys the benefit of the one-on-one interaction he craves. The pets get sufficient play and exercise time, as well.

Whether you’re searching for the ideal facility offering dog boarding or cat boarding in Aldergrove, you should make sure that the kennel is the right match for your pet. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing your furry friend is in good hands and will receive proper care and grooming from the animal care specialists.

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