Advantages of Using a Dry Erase Board

Millions of schools and businesses use dry erase boards daily. Dry erase whiteboards are commonly used in boardrooms, and in classrooms, where many schools have switched from using old, outdated blackboards to incorporating dry erase boards.

Whiteboards can be made from a variety of different materials such as aluminum, hard coat laminate, porcelain, tempered glass, polypropylene film, most common whiteboards are made from melamine, it’s a paper infused with a resin, not typically suited for heavy use. Many people are looking for an affordable whiteboard that can be custom fit, but also will be easy for them to install. At I was able to find a dry erase whiteboard with an easy to apply, adhesive on the back, it allowed me to install my whiteboard in minutes. I also discovered a paint that lets you transform your boring wall into a whiteboard wall, its patented clear coating paint formula allows you to write on your wall, and is guaranteed to wipe away afterward. The paint can be applied to many different surfaces, metal, wood, drywall, and wallpaper.

For more than one-hundred years, teachers have been using blackboards to educate students. Many schools are taking out the traditional blackboards and installing dry-erase whiteboards. A whiteboards provide a lightweight versatility allowing them to be much more easily movable than a traditional blackboard. Whiteboards are a lot easier to read than chalk on a blackboard. Incorporating a whiteboard in a classroom could save your school money; it would reduce the electricity cost of using a projector. A projector can be a bit expensive, one of the biggest problems with using a projector is its maintenance costs, and every couple of years and the projector bulb will burn out and have to be replaced. Using a dry erase whiteboard also provides a person better readability, Research studies have proven that having a light colored background enables a person to read quicker, 32% quicker than reading on a dark background.

Whiteboards are a lot easier to wipe away than chalk, you need water to clean a chalkboard but after a while, some marks will become harder to wipe away. Dry erase boards come with a dry erase marker that will allow you to easily wipe the board clean. One of the biggest downfalls of using a blackboard is the dust it creates can irritate people who suffer from asthma or allergies. Studies have shown that teachers with extended exposure to chalk dust are more like to suffer from respiratory illnesses.

A dry erase whiteboard is probably the best purchase you can make. It can be used in classrooms, boardrooms, restaurants, healthcare centers, offices, and you can use it at home to help you plan and coordinate schedules, appointments, or use it to write a note reminding you to take out the trash. The professional world revolves around good visual presentation, a dry erase board can be used at your job to help you come up with innovative ideas, draw up graphs or charts, allowing you to accomplish your goals and stay organized. Incorporating a dry erase whiteboard will give your presentation the professional and visual quality it needed.

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