3 Ways to Give Your Employees More Privacy

Although workplace collaboration is becoming increasingly common, it is still important for employees to have their own space, as well as a degree of independence in choosing how they complete assigned tasks.

Allow Employees Autonomy Over Their Space

Depending on job functions and personality types, employees may seek different types of workspaces that best suit their needs. Studies have shown that employees thrive when they have more control over their own office area. If your employees feel they require more privacy for their own productivity, facilitating that can foster a better work ethic and a better relationship between employees and supervisors.

Set Up Cubicles

Cubicles can be a great option to give employees their own amount of personal space to create a more private setting. Your employees do not have to be completely closed off from their associates. You can purchase cubicles with lower panel heights to provide the perfect balance of individuality and collaboration. There are many types of setups that are easy to purchase, including pre owned cubicles, coordinated cubicle systems and cubicles with more space or unique shapes.

Avoid Micromanaging Your Team

Trying to micromanage every aspect of the goals and functionality of your team can seem overbearing. Additionally, your employees may believe there is a lack of trust in your relationship, and working relationships could suffer. Encouraging employees to lead with their own ideas and take control of their work output and style. Micromanagement can also lead to employees sometimes not being able to complete tasks on their own. 

Working with your employees to accomplish common goals while also giving your employees the privacy that is best suited for maximum productivity does not have to be difficult. By stepping back from the managerial role and offering them a say in how their space is set up, you can send a positive message to your employees. 

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