How a public relations and advisory company can help your business

As a start-up or a small business, you might be thinking about the best ways to promote your company and raise awareness. One way of doing so is by hiring a public relations team to handle communications for you. Before you hire one, here are five reasons why that’s a great idea.

1) They have access to relevant media channels

Public relations professionals specialize in developing relationships with members of various media outlets. As such, they know exactly who will be interested in what your company has to offer before you even pitch it. For instance, Teneo firm has a network of contacts that they use to determine whether or not a given media channel will be receptive to your story before pitching it, saving both parties time and resources. That makes them an invaluable ally for promoting your business.

2) They’ll craft the perfect pitch

You might have great content ready for promotion, but nobody will be interested in writing about it if you can’t couple it with a relatable story or angle. In contrast, public relations experts create stories that audiences want to read, meaning you get more attention and higher visibility. That saves you time trying to figure out what kinds of messages people are interested in hearing from you, and you need to provide them with something worth their while!

3) They know how to manage expectations

Your team must fulfill your expectations when promoting your business—and not everyone can do that. Public relations agencies have extensive experience managing client relationships professionally and efficiently; they know how to communicate clearly and effectively and never let you down.

4) They’ve got the resources you need

A public relations team can pull out all the stops to ensure that your product gets the attention it deserves, from writing press releases and distributing them to relevant media channels to leveraging their networks for endorsements by influencers. For instance, Teneo’s Firm public relations experts are well versed in many other publicity techniques that are worth exploring.

5) You can learn a lot from them

One of the best things about hiring a public relations firm is that the agency should be willing to teach you everything they know so you can continue doing these things on your own after working together. By learning what makes a great story, how press releases work, and all the other important public relations tips, you’ll be equipped to expand your company’s outreach on your own.

Learning how to effectively promote your organization is an invaluable skill, and hiring a public relations or communications firm will help you master it. If you’re new to promoting your business, this type of professional assistance is worth investing in early on.

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