Genesis11 Review – A Trading Experience to Remember

The best experiences in life are the ones you always remember. Well, you can say that bad experiences are some of them. However, today, I will help you focus on an experience that I think I will always remember positively as a trader. So, I am talking an online trading platform that nearly covered everything that I, as a trader, wanted to get while trading. Talk about the number of assets in the asset index or the platform that I could use from anywhere, this company really knew what it was doing, and it was great.

Now, I wouldn’t force you to believe that the trading experience I have had with Genesis11 defines the company and its features. Instead, I would like you to try out this platform yourself and then make up your opinion about it. For that, I am giving you this detailed review that will help you know more about Genesis11.

Web Based Trading

Here’s the first thing you have to notice. When you sign up with an online broker, the first thing you will have to see is the trading platform that you will be on. Now, there are many different ways online platforms can offer you trading. You can be on a trade station that only runs on your desktop computer. There can be a platform that comes in the form of a mobile application. This trading platform would only work on your mobile phone. And then you have web based trading platforms that run in the web. This means you use them like you use websites.

You can run them on your computer, mobile phones, laptops, and even the latest tablets. That’s the trading platform you will get from Genesis11. Whether you like to use an iPhone or Android phone, or you prefer to be on your desktop computer for trading, this platform will run on all of those devices without any issues at all.

Lots of Financial Markets

Now, when you become a trader, you will learn the importance of trading lots of assets. There was a time when I was new to trading and I did not pay attention to these things. I once invested in a commodity and then found out that I had lost all of my investments. Why? Because that was the only asset I had invested in and now it had gone down. That’s when I realized I was supposed to invest my money in a variety of assets and many financial markets. I left the previous broker and signed up with Genesis11. With this company, I can trade just about all the different types of assets.

You can trade a variety of forex currency pairs if you want. If you want to invest in commodities, you can go with gold, copper, platinum, and other precious metals. You can also trade energies and fresh produce. Furthermore, you can trade CFDs of the best stocks and indices in the world. Last but not least, you will have cryptocurrencies in your access as well.

Solid Security

Whether you want to be on a safe trading platform or you want the security of your money and information, I am sure you will not have any complaints with Genesis11. The company has provided you with the answers to all of these concerns. Your information gets encrypted with 128-bit protocols whereas the money you deposit in your accounts goes into segregated funds. You can have peace of mind also because the broker has properly maintained KYC and AML policies on the website.

Final Thoughts

An online broker really does not have to include any bells and whistles into its service. If it can offer the most basic features in the best way possible, traders would be happy. That’s exactly what I feel when I trade with Genesis11. Also, when you trade, you are also going to find everything for trading support, from a great trading platform to a an expansive asset index. All you need is surety and confidence to trade your favorite asset.

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