Exact usages of the fluid-aire dynamics

Maintenance is a step that should not be neglected, to ensure the proper functioning of a compressor. The operations to be carried out being complex, resorting to a professional is the best alternative. Fluid-aire dynamics then offers you its expertise. Whether it is an oil change, an oil change, a tightening of parts or even the repair of an electric motor, expert team does a neat job. They can ensure your maintenance work in the workshop or on site according to your needs.

With real experience in air compressors, Fluid-aire dynamics takes care of all types of preventative maintenance. They can work on both industrial and medical compressors. They have the technical means and the necessary know-how to ensure the quality of the achievements. They are also able to perform for companies and industry professionals, the maintenance of industrial vacuum devices such as vacuum pump.

So here are some tips for simply maintaining your compressor yourself.

Drain the water from the compressor

The first thing to do to maintain your professional compressor is to bleed it. When you use it, your compressor produces condensation which is then stored in a tank. It is therefore essential not to allow the water to stagnate, as it could attack the metal and thus compromise the tightness of your tank.

Professional compressor: clean the air filter

Like many devices, compressors are equipped with air filters. Particularly because they are used in places where many fine particles pass, it is important to clean this air filter regularly. For doing this, all you require doing is spray compressed air on every single side of the filter to extract all the dirt.

Compressor maintenance: check the oil level

Here is one of the most important maintenance actions to perform on a compressor: check the oil level. For that you just have to make sure that the oil level in the crankcase is well above the indicated mark. If this happen not to be the case, you will need to top up the level using the oil suggested by the constructer of your compressor.

Change the compressor oil

Approximately every 100 hours of use of your professional compressor you will need to replace the crankcase oil. To change the oil, all you have to do is remove the plug and collect the used oil. Then replace it with new oil specially designed for your compressor model. Then replace the cap.

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