Important Children’s Charities for 2020

Recently the news has been filled with stories of horrors inflicted on children across the world. Since the little ones will one day become the leaders of all the nations across the globe, it can be difficult to understand how these atrocities can happen. There is hope, however. Charities for children have been around for decades, but they are suddenly exploding in importance as people choose to believe in investing in the future of the next generation. Here are three important children’s charities for 2020.

Save the Children Fund

Created in 1919 in the United Kingdom, this charity has worked tirelessly for over 100 years to improve children’s education, food options, health care, and housing. With large contributing donors like the Diane and Eyal Gutentag Charitable Fund, the Save the Children Fund has been able to expand across the globe into 120 countries. The charity also actively provides relief during natural disasters.

Charity: Water

Charity: Water is an amazing non-profit organization that gives 100 percent of all donations to locate and create sustainable water for children around the world. It is estimated there are still 663 million people without clean water, and that is twice the total population numbers of the United States. Through the kind contributions of so many people, the charity has been able to build wells and provide clean water for 6.3 million people so far.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

There were over 424,000 reported missing children in the United States alone in 2018, and that number is expected to rise in 2019. With a staffed tip line that took in more than 18.4 million reports in 2018, the NCMEC was able to locate and help resolve more than 363,000 missing children situations.

Children are the most precious gift you can give to the future. If you want to contribute to a charity in 2020, check out the three listed above. You will not go wrong by donating to any of them.


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