How to Go a Little Green in Your Life and Enjoy It!

Going green probably already sets your heart rate pacing a little faster. These things are considered to be all or nothing in many ways.

If you want to green, then you have to go green all the way and make huge changes in your life in all aspects and in every single way, right? Wrong!

Who said that was the rule? It’s like veganism – you don’t have to fully commit and 100% go for it (although this is the writer’s opinion and it is not recommended to bring this up to a vegan who has committed fully).

You could try veganism by trying out one meatless product per day or going without meat once a week to make a positive impact! You’ve still made progress and done something – you just haven’t inundated yourself with crushing pressure to change every aspect of your life.

Sometimes you may not even know how to completely change your life and habits, and they say that it takes several weeks or months to reverse a habit or pick up something new.

Doing something even a little bit is better than doing nothing. Telling yourself that you must go from 0 to 60 is unrealistic and could really stress you out – and everyone knows stress is bad for your health.

Today we are talking about going green, but how to do it in a practical way. It’s a guide to get a little green and some helpful things that you can incorporate into your life, if it works for you. If you can take more positive action than you were the month before, that is a great thing. It means you are doing more than you were, and even a little bit goes a long way.

We’ve got some ideas and practical ways that you can incorporate a green choice into your life. Even if it’s only once and you know you’re going to be shopping and want to look at energy saving lighting solutions in Toronto or your area with more green fixtures, that’s a great opportunity to just be green


The amount of energy you will save from getting economical LED lighting in Toronto could be huge, and that’s just one choice and one purchase. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be as simple as buying a lamp or looking for energy saving lighting solutions in Toronto

It is very possible that you can go just a bit more green in life, and really enjoy it, too. What could be better than that?

There are so many easy things that you can do. Take a trip somewhere – but if it is close to where you live, try a different mode of transport. Blade, walk, bike!

Take five-minute showers or less. Cut your normal water consumption in half or more!

Ride share when you know you are going somewhere and don’t want to pay for all the additional gas.

Buy green. Buying LED lighting in Toronto could be one of the energy saving lighting solutions in Toronto you were looking for!

Buy some old-fashioned kitchen tools. A hand-rotated whipping device could save a few amps of electricity and help you make an omelet without requiring electricity!

Those are some of our ideas for how you can go green in different ways. Let them sink in or be inventive and think of your own! Thanks for reading!


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