How Do Marketers Create a Brand Scent?

We all have a set of smells which evoke memories or create the desire for something. That is because the sense of smell is the most important of the human senses. Smell can forewarn us of danger (smoke), remind us of a wonderful holiday (sun tan lotion) or make us hungry (the smell of fresh bread). It has long been the case that the favourite trick of estate agents is to freshly brew coffee or bake biscuits for prospective buyers to create the ambience needed to sell the house. However, the marketing sector is now taking this to a new level.

What Is Brand Scenting?

There are a number of agencies now focusing on scent marketing. This marketing formula is done according to your brand’s DNA to create a unique smell which will entice your customers to buy from you according to your scent. Cinnabon is a notable brand that utilises a brand scent to increase sales by baking fresh batches every half an hour so the smell never leaves the air.

How Do Marketers Make Your Scent?

To find your product scent, it is key to first find the core of your brand and what message you wish to convey. A spa, for example, is a place of tranquillity and calm, so tones of lavender and camomile create a sense of peace. According to the article Inside the Invisible but Influential World of Scent Branding, to evoke cleanliness and freshness green citrus is ideal and for dynamism and energy use spicy tones, and so the list goes on. But whatever your product, there is a smell which will become the emotional trigger scent for your target audience.

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Who Uses and Who Does Scent Marketing?

Traditionally it was the food and fragrance sectors that monopolised this form of marketing, but in recent years this has grown to encompass hotel chains and medical facilities and even fertiliser companies have added a floral scent to their product to encourage customers. As this type of marketing has developed so have the companies who offer this service. You’ll find scent marketing is available at Mood Media – one of the specialist agencies focusing on this area with a dedicated department specifically for this type of marketing.

So next time you smell something whose brand scent will it be?

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