The Importance of Rig Matting and When They are Necessary to a Work Site

Rig matting, also known as access matting, are temporary portable platforms contractors use to support heavy machinery in construction sites. One of the main reasons your construction site will require rig matting is to stabilize heavy machinery so it can work efficiently.

Besides machine efficiency, the ground you are working on could be unstable, swampy, or inaccessible hence the need to use access mats.

Importance of Rig Matting in a construction site

  • Rig matting reduces delays related to weather, especially rainy seasons that may cause the site to be muddy, causing inconveniences.
  • Rig mats conform easily to rugged terrains, and this reduces trucking costs. This, in turn, cuts on expenses.
  • Access mats ensure the stability of the equipment onsite. This not only increases the efficiency of the machinery but also provides a safe working environment for your crew.
  • They protect the sensitive organisms within an ecosystem in the construction or mining site.
  • Rig matting saves contractors the repair expenses that heavy machinery may cause after the project ends.

When To Use Rig Mats

The use of access mats can either be one-time, temporal, or semi-permanent. Below are some circumstances when the use of access mats is necessary, if not mandatory.

Exceptional use of heavy equipment – When using heavy machinery like cranes, earthmovers, among others, rig mats are essential to ensure their efficiency.

When you have strict deadlines -Some contracts will require the completion of work within short periods. Such will require your crew and equipment on-site soonest. To ensure the safety of your crew and the delivery of results promptly, rig mats are necessary.

An ecosystem with sensitive organisms –  sites with sensitive fauna and flora will require mats to prevent interfering with the ecosystem.

In remote areas and building roadways – remote areas with rugged terrain are difficult to access by heavy machinery. Swampy, remote areas, on the other hand, can’t support the heavy machinery hence the need to use rig mats.

A requirement by environmental laws – working on protected pieces of land will require rig matting, which you will have to remove at the end of the project.

Types of Access Mats

There are different types of access mats, depending on the type of material they are made from and their application. The materials used include fiberglass, different types of wood, rubber, plastic, and steel

Access mats: These types of mats are applicable in creating temporary bases in worksites and temporal roads around the worksite. Sites in swampy and wetland areas find them necessary. Depending on their application, they are also known as swamp or mud mats.

Construction rig mats: Construction mats are environment friendly, and they create an all-weather working environment on the site. This guarantees easy access and timely completion of projects.

Heavy-equipment rig mats: These are the most resilient, durable, and can withstand exceptionally heavy-weight materials. Their materials have superior strength and are versatile. Crane mats are an excellent example of such.

With the different types available, choose one that’s durable, environment-friendly, recyclable, and convenient for your worksite.

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