How To Make the Most of Cubicles in Your Office Space

Many commercial buildings aren’t set up so that every employees can have his or her own private office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them their own place to work. Cubicles are the next best thing, as long as you know how to find the right ones.

Consider the Dimensions

Dimensions are the key factor when choosing cubicles for your office space. Call center employees usually only need small cubicles, while others need cubicles as large at 8×8 feet. Remember to factor in walkways, break areas, and customer waiting areas when deciding how many cubicles you can fit into your space. Collaborative teams should have shorter cubicles, but employees that require more privacy can find them as tall as 66 inches.

Buy New Cubicles

Used cubicles can be cost-effective, yes, but if they look worn, they aren’t likely to boost employee morale. New cubicles Los Angeles offers more choices in terms of styles and designs, which is especially important if your company is one that clients expect to be trendy. Buying new cubicles also makes it easier to buy identical ones in large quantities and probably offers more delivery and setup benefits. Additionally, companies that sell them new often provide other services, including space planning, arranging IT cables, and traffic flow mapping.

Keep the Space Energetic

The problem with a sea of cubicles is that they’re often a neutral color and can look rather boring if you aren’t careful. If it would fit your branding, buy cubicles in multiple colors. Otherwise, find other ways to spruce up the space. Outside of the private cubicle spaces, hang art and keep potted plants or interesting lounging furniture around the space. Interesting lighting fixtures can also add interest to a room of cubicles. Let your employees decorate their private spaces as well. Allow them to bring in photos, small plants, and other office-friendly decor to make their space feel like their own.

Remember, planning is the key to excellent cubicle use. Never assume you know the size of your office space, for example, as you could find you don’t have the room you need. Measure, plan the layout, and work with professionals to ensure your cubicle buying experience is a good one.

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