6 Effective Strategies for Dust Control in Mining Sites

From crystalline silica to coal, dust is rampant in mining sites. This makes it important for mining companies to implement a robust strategy for dust suppression. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best things that mining companies can do to limit the negative impacts of dust.

  1. Use Dust Misting Cannon

One of the must-have tools in the mining site is a dust misting cannon, such as one that you will find at Bosstek. It will generate atomic particles that will saturate airborne dust. This provides an effective dust control method to promote a safer and healthier workplace. Dust misting cannons are also mobile, making it effortless to move depending on where it needs to be operated.

  1. Provide Personal Protective Equipment

For effective dust control in mining, employees should use the appropriate personal protective equipment to limit the health risks of dust exposure. From respirators to coveralls, the management should invest in the necessary PPE. They should be comfortable to wear. Otherwise, there will be resistance from the users. It is also crucial to have an assigned supervisor to make sure that everyone follows the PPE protocols in the job site.

  1. Implement Controls for Elimination

To control dust exposure of workers in mines, elimination is one of the best strategies. This preventive measure will get rid of dust before it can become a problem. One way to do this is to adopt new production processes, especially those that will generate lesser dust. Material substitution is also effective for dust elimination. The treatment of dust at its point of generation will also help, preventing it from getting airborne.

  1. Maintain Your Equipment

Dust in mining sites can originate from various sources. Among others, equipment can be the culprit. With this, it is crucial to have the right engineering controls, and that includes choosing appropriate equipment and making sure of proper care and maintenance. The failure to do so can make equipment the source of dust.

  1. Use Enclosures

Installing physical barriers and enclosures will also be effective for controlling dust in mining sites. This will prevent dust from reaching those who are outside the barrier. While it limits the negative impacts of dust, those who work inside the barrier are not spared. It only protects those who are outside.

  1. Train Workers

Another effective dust control strategy is training for miners. Knowledge is power, even when it comes to dust control. When people are aware of the hazards of dust, they will be proactive and do something to address the problem. Make sure that they are aware of the different control measures that the business will implement. Even with advanced tools, they will be useless if the workers are not trained on how to use them properly.

From a misting cannon to employee training, this article talked about some of the most effective strategies for dust control in mining sites. Doing these things will not only promote health and safety, but it will also help promote what is best for the environment.

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