What Caregivers Need To Know About FMLA

Sometimes, life gets in the way of one’s ability to work. When it does, employees may want to brush up on employment law Jefferson County TX. For instance, knowing how the Family and Medical Leave Act works can help workers keep their jobs while tending to a relative or a new baby. Here are essential facts that caregivers should know about FMLA.

The Law Defines “Family” Differently

Employees who must act as caregivers should understand the “family” aspect of the FMLA. The law has its own definition of family, one that does not include grandparents, in-laws, siblings or adult children in need of assistance. Instead, only a parent, spouse or minor child qualifies for employees taking time off through the FMLA.

Parents Are Not the Only Ones Who Qualify

Another essential fact about the FMLA is that new parents are not the only ones who can use it. Employees going through a personal health complication can take time off through the FMLA and not worry about losing their position

State and City Laws May Offer Additional Assistance

Workers who feel that the FMLA limits their options may have better luck taking time off through state or city law. Some state protections surpass those offered by the federal government, going so far as to cover small business employees and provide more than 12 weeks of unpaid leave. Further, an employee may live in a state that offers paid family leave rather than unpaid leave.

Not Every Company Offers Great Family Leave

Unfortunately, some employers leave much to desire when offering employees family leave, especially private-sector companies. Some company programs only provide leave for new parents, and others only offer replacement pay for two weeks.

With a better understanding of the FMLA, employees can better plan their leave to act as a caregiver for a loved one.

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