How To Hammer Out A Scope of Work Agreement With Your Advertising Agency

Advertising is quickly becoming one of the most important factors in determining the success of businesses. Positioning your brand or product correctly is just as important as creating that brand or product in the first place. Having the right advertising talent in your corner coaching you through the battle for recognition and exposure is not only beneficial, but crucial in today’s competitive market place.Creating an excellent scope of work agreement is the keystone to implementing a successful marketing campaign. Here are some tips on how to hammer out a scope of work agreement with your advertising agency.1. Have clear objectivesThe overall goal of a well written scope of work agreement is to summarize all the important points from start to finish. A SOW as it is called, should explain the type of work to be done, the timelines and milestones to be met, any requirements in quality as agreed upon by the client and agency, as well as pricing. In order to ensure all these work together and in confluence with each other it is important to have clear objectives. Clearly stating the goals and objectives to be met allows the exact details and specifications of the rest of the document to be created with clarity and purpose.

2. Have a complete timeline for the scope of work agreementMarketing campaigns can sometimes be similar to construction contracts. Much like a foundation for a building, a particular phase of marketing is implemented first to set the ground work for more targeted approaches later. Having a detailed timeline helps the planning phase and allows the advertising agency to “see the big picture” and do a better job of forecasting any potential issues or delays. It is not uncommon for strategies to need to be adjusted due to unforeseen changes in the market, much like a construction contractor running into unforeseen issues while completing a job. Having a complete timeline is the blueprint that can ensure a thorough and complete marketing plan that avoids unnecessary changes and pivots after it begins.3. Agree upon upfront pricing and contingenciesAs much as we try to plan ahead by having clear goals and creating big picture timelines, the unknown can still find a way to derail the most complete and detailed marketing campaigns. Your SOW should include agreed upon pricing for the services to be rendered, as well as the scale of potential add on work that may be required if Murphy’s Law occurs. Having an agreement on set pricing and potential supplements can ensure client satisfaction and avoid any surprises as the marketing agency begins its work.

4. Have a detailed scheduleAs with many strategies in business, timing is everything. It helps to have a detailed schedule to show when milestones occur and objectives are met. Clients should also insist upon detailed reports and project updates as well as data to verify the milestones as they occur. Planning for these events and having scheduled indicators can lay the groundwork for a great SOW plan that will reveal its effectiveness once it begins.The scope of work agreement you create with your advertising agency can be the deciding factor separating your business from the competition. Get the most out of your advertising agency by following these steps and set your business up for success.

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