Day: January 7, 2018


Why Ought to I Construct a Enterprise?

A query requested so many occasions is, why ought to I construct a enterprise?  Is not it safer to work for another person a minimum of I all the time get a paycheck?  What about advantages?  All of those are good questions, nonetheless when you keep within the query mode continuously analyzing the choice you’ll […]

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The Greatest Marketing Story Never Told

I was told this story by a partner of Sol Polk’s back in the early 80’s after we opened the first “hot tub” store in Chicago. Jack supplied me with hot tubs and spas and also would inventory and install all the hot water heaters for Polk Brothers and that’s another good story for some […]

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How to Build a Healthcare Brand That Appeals to Women

Building your business in the health industry can be a stressful process if you are unfamiliar with the world of marketing and advertising. One of the hardest aspects of marketing your brand is the task of identifying your best consumer, or rather, patient. An important tenet of branding is as follows: In order to build […]

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Can Print Management Solutions Improve Your Business?

Printing is not what it used to be in the past. Decades ago printers were obsolete as people used to keep handwritten documentation. Can you imagine how many orders were processed by hand and how long that must have taken? Luckily for us, we live in the modern age where printers and computers make our […]

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