Disability Benefits Eligibility Requirements for Veterans 

Disability compensation is a tax-free monthly benefit paid to people who served their country and are disabled. The government allows for the compensation based on an injury or disease that happened during their service and/or worsened during their service. Many veterans apply for their benefits with the help of a VA disability lawyer. Before applying, it’s important to know the eligibility benefits of disability compensation.

A Veteran must Meet at Least One Requirement from a List Eligibility Requirements

A veteran may be able to obtain disability benefits if they are injured or ill. An illness or injury is known as a condition that affects a veteran in one of three ways: The veteran was injured or sick while serving in the military. It’s called an in-service disability claim when a veteran can link their injury or illness to their military service. The veteran had an injury or illness before they started their military service. That injury or illness was aggravated during their service. This type of condition is called a preservice disability claim. The veteran had a disability related to their duty in the military that didn’t appear until their service ended. For example, PTSD is one type of condition that occurs after military service has ended. This type of disability is called post service disability claim.

What is a Presumed Disability?

A presumed disability is a medical condition diagnosed by a doctor that is related to military service. The government will presume the disability was related to the military service and allow for disability benefits. A presumed disability typically applies to a chronic illness that developed within one year of the veteran’s leaving service. Another type of presumed disability occurs when an illness caused by coming in contact with contaminants or hazardous materials. Contaminants can be toxic chemicals. The contact with the hazardous materials or contaminants occurs during the veteran’s military service.

Can a Dishonorable Discharge make a Veteran Ineligible?

Yes. If a veteran received a discharge for bad conduct or a dishonorable discharge, they would be eligible for VA benefits. However, a veteran can try to obtain VA benefits. In fact, there are two ways to try to qualify for VA benefits. One way is to find out how to obtain a discharge upgrade. Another way to obtain VA benefits is via the VA Character of Discharge review process.

Disability Benefits are Available to Veterans

A veteran would be able to obtain VA disability benefits if they became injured, sick or developed a mental health condition while serving. Types of illness and injuries covered include breathing problems, severe hearing loss and cancer. It’s important to understand each eligibility requirement and follow each requirement to obtain monthly benefits. However, it’s important to note that an application can be denied even if the veteran meets eligibility requirements. Don’t give up. The denial may be able appealed. Many people obtain the help of a lawyer who specializes in VA disability to assist them in getting benefits.

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