What Skills Do Today’s Retail Leaders Need?

The world of retail is changing as the internet has taken up to a quarter of all sales in some sectors. This means that the store itself needs to adapt and offer something different. Mainly this will come in the form of experience, but it also means appointing excellent staff and creating a pleasing ambience. We take a look at the skills needed for the leading retailers of today and tomorrow.

Event Management

The retail world is on a course to change forever. As products and services can be purchased online, the retail store must provide something the internet cannot: it must provide an experience. That means that the leading retailers of the future will not only be good at selling – they must be excellent event managers too.

People Skills

People skills have been an increasing necessity for retailers for decades. Once the only butcher in the town didn’t have to be pleasant or cheery; his customers would still come. Today, however, the retail market is at saturation point, with customers having plenty of choice. This is why the way your staff interact with customers is more important than ever. They need to do more than sell products: they need to provide an all-round experience. The better the people skills, the better the experience. But what do we mean by good people skills? It means your staff need to be excellent communicators, friendly, approachable and authentic.

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A Flair for Style and Ambience

The store is now a place of experience, so retailers need to become accomplished at creating ambience. They need an eye for detail, style and flair. In fact this goes further: your store shouldn’t just look good – it should smell good, feel good and sound good too. Knowing where to source the right decor and in store music is a key skill. Those who seek out top In store Music providers will rapidly overtake retailers who don’t.

Public Speaking and Presentation

As the retail experience is set to include the hosting of events, product launches, demonstrations and presentations, retailers will need to be skilled in public speaking.

As you can see, the skill set has expanded, and those working in retail will need to adapt to survive. Anyone looking at a future career in retail management will need the necessary skills.

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