Registering an Aircraft in Malta- Everything you Should Know

Malta is one of the top destinations for registering an aircraft. Since 2010, the company has taken steps to earn this position and offers aircraft operators and owners an expedient and easy registration procedure. They can also benefit from the freedom and ease of intra-Community operation. The aircraft registration regime in Malta is very open to different legal arrangements and forms and it is also non-selective regarding nationality. Their non-taxation schemes for aircraft registration and other perks have turned out to be very lucrative for a number of foreign entities.

When an aircraft is registered in Malta and all requirements for certification and licensing are fulfilled, the aircraft will be able to fly all intra-Community within the European Union. Moreover, aircraft registration in Malta means that owners can enjoy a broad range of aircraft related services, including engine and aircraft maintenance, component manufacture, overhaul and repair, leasing, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance services and plenty more. Another great benefit of aircraft registration Malta is that fractional ownership is a possibility.

As per Maltese law, it is possible for any aircraft and its engines to be owned by multiple people, as long as 50% or more of the owners fulfill the criteria of a qualified person. Each fractional interest is considered separate and different creditors can finance it. Furthermore, the Maltese legislation also accepts the right to own an aircraft via a trust. The trustee can be registered as the owner, but as per Maltese law, the rights of the beneficiaries are also enforced against the trustee in the situation of default. Most importantly, you have the freedom of registering any type of aircraft in Malta, which includes airframes, helicopters and even aircrafts under construction.

It is also possible to register aircraft engines separately, which allows for engine financing opportunities. Lastly, the taxation framework in Malta is also great for aircraft registration and owners can enjoy a lot of incentives.

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